Contract Hire

contract-hireContract Hire has become a much overused term, and therefore the true definition of the product has become somewhat lost over the years. Nowadays it has become common for vehicle manufacturers and independents alike to combine an operating lease with a fixed cost maintenance package and call it Contract Hire… it’s not!

The offering described above merely fixes the majority of the costs BUT leaves you to manage the dealership and manufacturer relationships, warranties, goodwill etc. as well as the legal and operational requirements, whilst still trying to run your business.

Contract Hire offers you fixed cost and off balance sheet funding allowing you to use your capital and assets where they are best required.  We can tailor our offering to meet your exact needs whether for a standard ‘disribution’ vehicle or a more complex specialised asset.

Centurion believe that the best way to provide the most cost effective and valuable solution is to listen to you tell us about your business and build a bespoke package to suit.

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Recent Contract Hire Customers

We chose Centurion Truck Rental again as they best understood our needs, were competitive in price and as an overall package. They also gave us the flexibility we needed to ensure the vehicles are maintained in line with our operational requirements and to achieve minimum downtime. The handovers and return of the previous vehicles were hassle free and dealt with honestly and professionally. In short they have been a pleasure to do business with.
Peter Hughes || Managing Director – Earl Transport Ltd

Brian Cunningham Transport UK Ltd

Brian Cunningham Transport UK Ltd

Joseph Heler Cheese