Contract Hire

Contract Hire offers you fixed cost and off balance sheet funding.
Scania truck

Spot Rental

If you have an emergency need or a short term spike in demand choose Spot Rental.

Flexi Rental

With Centurions flexible rental service you can now sign up to shorter periods of hire.

Fleet Management

Centurion can help you manage all aspects of your.

News From Centurion

This section holds our latest releases, news items & an archive of previously released news.This section is updated on a regular basis so please revisit to see the latest news from within Centurion Truck Rental.

Scania trucks

Scania R440 6×2/4 Highline Euro 5

Scania R440 6×2/4 Topline EGR Euro 5.

DAF Super Space 105 460 4×2 Euro 5

Centurion Truck Rental

Centurion Truck Rental

Centurion Truck Rental is one of the UK’s leading service providers in the field of commercial vehicle rental, leasing and contract hire. Established in the mid 1990’s Centurion have developed strong relationships in major UK industries including Transport, Retail and Manufacturing as well as having a strong presence with commercial SME’s.